Here is the expected petrol price for July

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Mid-month data from the Central Energy Fund points to further fuel price pain for diesel and petrol vehicle owners in July.

The data, which serves as a snapshot of market conditions as of 14 June 2022, shows that the petrol price could increase by as much as R2.03 per litre next month, while diesel is showing an under-recovery of R1.28.

The mid-month snapshot is as follows:

Petrol 95: under-recovery/increase of 203 cents per litre;
Petrol 93: under-recovery/increase of 186 cents per litre;
Diesel 0.05%: under-recovery/increase of 128 cents per litre;
Diesel 0.005%: under-recovery/increase of 128 cents per litre;
Illuminating Paraffin: under-recovery/increase of 153 cents per litre.


South Africa’s price ‘inflation’ is not what you think – here’s what you are really paying

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Concerns about rising food prices are making the headlines across the world as pressures mount in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The war has driven up prices of commodities, including wheat, which is a staple food in many countries.

Food inflation has recently been attracting a lot of media attention in South Africa too as concerns grow about people’s ability to afford basic foodstuffs.

Food price inflation attracts considerable attention because we must all eat. And periods of high food inflation affect poor households the most. This is because they spend a higher percentage of their income on food.


‘Perfect storm’ to hit middle-class South Africans: CEO

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Many South Africans are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with debt payments.

Recent data from FNB suggests it takes an average of five days for a middle-income consumer to spend up to 80% of their monthly salary, while Statistics South Africa said the number of civil judgements recorded for debt increased by 7.4% in the three months ended February 2022 compared with the three months ended February 2021.

“The rising cost of living and significant debt levels mean a worrying proportion of South Africans are battling to meet their financial obligations each month.



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